100% Pure
Oud Oil

Experience the all 6 types of Chinese original oud oils
by Sainty Oud. Different smells, different materials,
different distilled methods, Different scents.

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The Scent From Heaven

Oud is the basis of some of the world’s most luxurious fragrance creations.

Since ancient times oud has remained highly prized. The complex and exquisite fragrance of Oud is a precious, rare and intriguing gift of nature.

The distinct, raw and earthy scent made its way into many major perfumers, the ultimate fragrance for true fragrance connoisseurs.

Sainty Oud presents the finest selection of artisanal pure 100% organic oud oils perfume, including Super AAA Grade and Exceptional Vintages with decades of ageing.

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The Scent From Heaven

Pure Oud Oils

Experience the all 6 types of Chinese original oud oils by Sainty Oud,

3 of them are plantation oud oils and 3 of them are wild oud oils.

Different smells, different materials, different distilled methods, different scents.

We offer size of 1 gram, 2.5 grams,6 grams, 12 grams sample kit.

Botanical Name: Aquilaria Sinensis

Region: Jianfengling Mountain, Hainan, China

Trees: 10 years+

This Chinese Oud Agarwood is a rare treat and has to be the finest oud so far that i have been able to stock. It has also been one of the hardest types of Oud for me to acquire, there is very little real Chinese oud on the market, and when you smell it, you start to know why.

From all of the different profiles of oud agarwood, Chinese has to be one of the best for me. While most other areas produce agarwood oud oil that is heavy in scent with huge base notes, obviously depending on distillation techniques, the Chinese has a much lighter and airier scent, it is very refreshing and almost fruity, there is a beautiful balance between woodiness, fruitiness and resinious tones.

This is not fruity like Thai or Cambodi ouds, it is more subtle and not close to any fruit scent i can think of, although there is some essence of lime perhaps and maybe even the most subtle hint of apricot and peaches, but that merges with a beautiful woody rich high note akin to juniper and pine, but so much more complex, making the fruit-like elements take on a different feel.

The resinous notes are also subtle, they are there, but that high woody note almost obscures the darker elements within.

This is a pure agarwood oud oil, no fillers, no synthetics, no barnyard aroma, just pure blissful oud agarwood oil from wild mountainous terrain.


3 Types of Co2 Extraction Oud Oils

Types: Aquilaria sinensis; Origin: Hainan; Features: 100% pure, organic and original, no pollution, no alcohol.

Made from plantation oud.


Hainan Sweet Oud YZ01

It is the heart note of sinensis or “northern aloeswoods”, the woody, sweet, vanillic,calming core, Quite like the scent of gently heating quality sinensis or Vietnamese woods on a heater. When applied in tiny amounts and exposed to air/skin/sweat, it takes on some “salivary oudy” tones.

Hainan Richly Fragrant Aroma YZ07

Hainan Richly Fragrant Aroma YZ07

This oud oil open with some fermented woody and petroleum note which immediately changes as get exposed to air. And start giving Green herbal, Mentholic and sweet fruity aroma. These notes remain for almost 10-15 mins and heeps changing until it stabilizes to heart note. In the middle the sweet fruity aroma along with light woody

Hainan Classic Fermented YZ03

Hainan Classic Fermented YZ03

It is what i would consider to be hainanese classic fermented, it has that ripe cheesy, yetddictive profile, not offensive like those assam/hindi ouds, but presents itself as a form of clean,fermented, mild animalic ripeness. It treads on the borders of our senses, making us hard to decide or even figure out what it is.

3 Types of Traditional Hydroditlled Premium Oud oil

Types: Aquilaria sinensis; Origin: Hainan; Features: 100% pure, organic and original, no pollution, no alcohol.

*(Only produce 500 grams a month, all made from wild Oud)

Hainan Ethereal Florals YZ04

Hainan Ethereal Florals YZ04

It is a very good top fraction hydrodistillation product, it captures the floaty, ethereal floral tones, with a strong degree of clarity, transparency and cleanliness, this is the hainan floral fraction, the hainan ethereal florals.

Hainan Premium Hydrodistilled YZ06

Hainan Premium Hydrodistilled YZ06

It is something like the hainanese “complexity”, it opens up with the cool, mild dried grassy, nutty note reminscent of malinau/tarakan/north borneo ouds, which soon evolves into vapory, mild pine, followed by whiffs of florals, holographic sweetness.

Hainan Royal Fermented Hydrodistilled YZ08

Hainan Royal Fermented Hydrodistilled YZ08

It is by far one of the most balanced oils, the hainan balanced profile, it has the stable sweet foundation of inan Sweet, yet within itself it bears hints of Hainan Fermented and Hainan Premium Hydrodistilled in a unique balance.

About Sainty Oud

Sainty Oud is a leading manufacturer in the oud oil industry, delivering high quality 100% pure Oud Oil to perfumeries and the fragrance industry in over 50 countries. Sainty Oud produce 100 kilograms of pure oud oil every month, Quality and quantity are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Sainty Oud also is leader in agarwood trees plantation management. Corporate , Social Responsibility and Sustainability always the main tenet.  We have about 500000 plantation agarwood trees in Hainan province and Guangdong province in South China. We cooperating with 50 local farmer families, we instruct them to plant about 300000 agarwood trees from April 2015, and eventually acquire their agarwood trees after ten to twenty years with various price…Read more >>



Using our experience, expertise and dedication, Sainty Oud ensures consistency in Oud Oil quality; quality that you can trust.


Sainty Oud has complete control of the value chain, from seed planting to oil production.


Sainty Oud is a leading supplier in the Oud Oil industry, delivering high quality Oud Oils to perfumeries and the fragrance industry in over 45 countries.


We guarantee to supply you with outstanding quality Oud Oil providing CITES certifications and GC analysis with every order.

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Sainty Oud Oil is one of the leading brands; not only producing and processing international standard Oud Oils, but also planting and cultivating our own Agarwood trees. Read more >>

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Oud Oil Distillation

Supercritical CO2 is an excellent organic solvent that is used to extract aromatic oils from plants. The procedure is fast and gentle and is completely enclosed to prevent the presence of oxygen, Read more >>

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