Sainty Oud Oil

Our team combines over a century of experience in sourcing high-grade agarwood and distilling exquisite oud oil.
We’ve become known as connoisseurs in sourcing and selecting high-quality editions of oud.
The Sainty Oud premium quality standard comes from our passion for oud.

Who We Are

Sainty Oud is a leading manufacturer in the oud oil industry, delivering high quality 100% pure Oud Oil to perfumeries and the fragrance industry in over 50 countries. Sainty Oud produce 100 kilograms of pure oud oil every month, Quality and quantity are highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.
sainty oud oil
sainty oud oil factory
Sainty Oud also is leader in agarwood trees plantation management. Corporate , Social Responsibility and Sustainability always the main tenet. We have about 500000 plantation agarwood trees in Hainan province and Guangdong province in South China. We cooperating with 50 local farmer families, we instruct them to plant about 300000 agarwood trees from April 2015, and eventually acquire their agarwood trees after ten to twenty years with various price. We also attach great importance to sustainability, Every time we cut a agarwood tree, we will plant two in situ.

Experience Where It Matters Most

Here at Sainty Oud, we want you to know just how much love and attention we put in to every drop of oud oil we make, and how we craft every distillation with years of industry knowledge and artisanal expertise. We take tremendous pride and meticulous care in bringing to you pure premium oud oil directly from the lush jungles and mountains of Hainan city, China.

From soil to oil to you.

sainty oud oil

Our Mission

Here at Sainty Oud, our mission is simple – we're looking to help you experience pure oud oil.

Oud Oil can improve your health or simply allow you to indulge in ``the scent of musky luxury`` . This natural substance is regarded through history as something of pure fragrant excellence, pure luxury, whilst possessing incredible cultural significance worldwide.


Tailored Service For A Personalised Result

We diligently oversee the entire sourcing and supply process from start to finish to ensure that no detail gets overlooked sourcing the most delicate quality agarwood pieces and oud oil distillations. Luxe Oud provides wild and organic oud with 100% purity. Some of our vintage editions have aged up to 100 years.

Wild oud oil from non-cultivated oud wood is a real rarity. Agarwood from the wild is practically extinct. For this reason, many consider pure oud oil to be liquid gold.

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