Agarwood Oil Extraction

The main factor when extracting the important oil is to make certain that the fungus inoculated from the tree is 8-12 years old so as to acquire the oil. The extraction method is performed via steam or water distillation. In the very first phase of steam distillation procedure, that the Agarwood is immersed in water to get one-three months. Subsequently, the stained timber is set in huge boilers in which the water evaporates in addition to the resin and accumulated in condenser. The steam extraction technique is much more popular at the East — Asian nations.


Water Distillation Procedure:

Water purification is the procedure for getting essential oils. Inside this technique, Agarwood chips are totally submerged in water, making a timber’soup’, followed closely by boiling process in enormous boilers. The steam comprising the plant molecules is recorded and condensed, and the oil floats to the peak of the distilled water part. When the conductive substance melts, the oil and hydrosol are split as well as the essential oil is obtained.

oud oil Distillation
Oud Oil Distillation

Water Distillation Process:

This technique protects the petroleum extracted into a certain level, because the surrounding water functions as a barrier to stop it from overheating. Water purification can be done at a lower pressure (a vacuum) to significantly decrease the temperature to less than 100°C, which is beneficial in protecting plant substance in addition to the critical oil. Although water purification is the most frequent way of extracting and extracting the oils for perfumery, the high temperatures may also ruin the most delicate odor molecules, therefore water purification will be the preferred method. But, it’s a time consuming procedure and requires considerable quantities of plant material.

Steam Distillation Procedure:

Steam distillation is believed to be the best way for the isolation and extraction of essential oils. The heat opens the pores of this plant which comprises the aromatic oils or molecules. Once exposed, the plant discharges those fatty molecules and in such a condition, the aromatic molecules can rise together with the steam. The vapors carrying these molecules traveling inside a closed system to the cooling apparatus. Since the vapor cools, it condenses and can be changed to a liquid condition. Later, the liquid is collected in a container and just like with any sort of oil/water mix, it divides. The oils float towards the surface while the water melts below. The oil is extremely condensed and utilized in aromatherapy. Both of these processes determine the quantity, quality and odor of petroleum produced. Roughly 8,000-10,000 kg of Agarwood is required to produce 1 liter of petroleum. The key contents are sesquiterpenes, phenyl ethyl chromones and many others such as selinene, eudesmene. The standard of the oil could be analyzed using a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

Benefits of Agarwood oil:

Agarwood oil contains heating, balancing, purifying, and transcendent attributes and consequently it blends well with other oils that are essential, especially with jasmine, rose, carnation, geranium, and sandalwood. In certain Middle-Eastern states it’s sprinkled on wedding invitations. It’s also utilized in Buddhist and Hindu cultural events.

Agarwood oil is helpful in nervous ailments, gastrointestinal, gastrointestinal ailments, smallpox, rheumatism, disease during and after childbirth, spasms in the digestive and respiratory systems, fevers, stomach pain, asthma, cancer, colic, diarrhea, nausea, regurgitation, fatigue in the older, shortness of breath, chills, overall pains and cirrhosis of the liverdisease. Apart from its therapeutic consequences, aromatherapy is just another aspect because it has the capacity to invoke a profound sense of comfort which makes it incredibly helpful in almost any aromatherapy session. It may be applied directly to skin and can also be non-sticky. Additionally it also has therapeutic effect and can be exceptionally psychoactive since it enhances mental clarity, opens the third eye and each the upper chakras while calming the whole system (medication / ayurveda). It’s also an ingredient for conventional medicine, particularly in Japan and China.

Employing a particular steam system inherited by the Chowdhury household in India. We closely extract the Agarwood oil in the AquilariaMalaccensis grown within our temples in the Lao PDR.

This filtering and extraction process using pure vapor allows the elimination of impurities. Our oil is ensured 99% pure and 100% chemical-free and thus the strong need for our merchandise.

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