Without the Agarwood tree, the famous “Oud Oil” would not exist. This fragrant tree from the deep heart of the jungle has now become an important cash crop for the people of Hainan province, China. To ensure the sustainability of this important agricultural resource, our plantations practice replacement planting for our Agarwood trees.

Sainty Oud is one of the leading brands; not only producing and processing international standard Oud Oils, but also planting and cultivating our own Agarwood trees through sustainable replacement planting practice. Growing our trees sustainably protects these rare species from extinction and ensures that the raw material to make this precious oil will be available for generations to come.

“ In the past, locals would go into the jungle to cut down the Agarwood trees. Once they were cut, they were gone forever. There were so many trees; no one saw a day when they would run out. Only when they were near extinction did we start trying to save them. I think this should be our first priority.” – Sainty, owner and founder, Sainty Oud.

Sainty Oud owner and founder, has become a tree planting pioneer, and evangelist for forest conservation. His view is that, even though the Agarwood tree is used for commercial purposes, it can still be preserved for posterity and long-term sustainability.

One Agarwood tree takes on average, at least 13 years to reach a harvestable maturity, where it can be processed into a variety of end products. With a planation of over 400 acres, Sainty Oud Oil planted over 200,000 trees, and we continually strive to meet the market requirements for Oud oils.

The process begins when we select the species of Agarwood trees for planting. We select both heirloom species found along the Thai-Cambodian border (locals from the area thus call the trees ‘Cambodian wood’), as well as special species of Agarwood for their exceptionally fragrant characteristics.

Our cultivation method is 100% organic, to ensure our trees grow safely and naturally. This is to ensure that, after 13 or more years have passed, when they are ready for harvest and processing, they will contain absolutely no artificial residues or additives.

From all of this, Sainty Oud Oil is able to select the finest Agarwood to professionally distill the highest quality oils. The finest ingredients and quality production has enabled Sainty Oud Oil to be known globally as supplying high quality products to all markets.