This Chinese Oud Agarwood is a rare treat and has to be the finest oud so far that i have been able to stock. It has also been one of the hardest types of Oud for me to acquire, there is very little real Chinese oud on the market, and when you smell it, you start to know why.

From all of the different profiles of oud agarwood, Chinese has to be one of the best for me. While most other areas produce agarwood oud oil that is heavy in scent with huge base notes, obviously depending on distillation techniques, the Chinese has a much lighter and airier scent, it is very refreshing and almost fruity, there is a beautiful balance between woodiness, fruitiness and resinious tones.

This is not fruity like Thai or Cambodi ouds, it is more subtle and not close to any fruit scent i can think of, although there is some essence of lime perhaps and maybe even the most subtle hint of apricot and peaches, but that merges with a beautiful woody rich high note akin to juniper and pine, but so much more complex, making the fruit-like elements take on a different feel.

The resinous notes are also subtle, they are there, but that high woody note almost obscures the darker elements within.

This is a pure agarwood oud oil, no fillers, no synthetics, no barnyard aroma, just pure blissful oud agarwood oil from wild mountainous terrain.

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